Diagonals, Cylinders and Pins
(Stainless Steel, Inox)
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Steel angle cut cylinders, bevelled diagonals and pins are mixed with steel ball, eclipse, ballcone and satellite in the steel polishing media for various mass finishing applications to achieve uniform cleaning, metal finishing and mirror finish all over the component profile.

Spherical steel balls are the most popular and versatile shaped media used in barrels, harperizers, centrifugal, tumbling and vibratory finishing machines. However, a round steel ball cannot access grooves, corners, collars and intricate profiles. To achieve thisa beveled diagonal (cylinder)or pin has to be used. Pins are also appropriate for deflashing holes and finishing intricate jewellery parts.
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Taper Cut Cylinders, Beveled Diagonals and Pins for Metal Component Polishing
(High Carbon high Chrome Steel, Chrome Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Inox)

Pins, Beveled Diagonals, Angle Cut Cylinders
Stainless Steel, Inox - AISI 304 / 302 / 316
High Carbon High Chrome Steel - AISI 52100 / EN 31


Sizes in MM
Dia x LengthDiameter (A)Length (B)
3.0 x 8.0 mm3.0 mm8.0 mm
2.0 x 6.0 mm2.0 mm6.0 mm
1.5 x 10.0 mm1.5 mm10.0 mm
1.0 x 10.0 mm1.0 mm10.0 mm
0.8 x 6.0 mm0.8 mm6.0 mm
Sizes in INCHES
Dia x LengthDiameter (A)Length (B)
FractionDecimalFraction Decimal
1/8" x 5/16"1/8" 0.125"5/16" 0.313"
3/32" x 1/4"3/32" 0.094"1/4" 0.250"
1/16" x 3/8"1/16" 0.063"3/8" 0.375"
3/64" x 3/8"3/64" 0.047"3/8" 0.375"
0.03" x 0.25"




~ Tolerance: Stringent dimensional controls are maintained and the tolerance on the diameters are +/- 0.15mm or +/- 0.006" (150 microns) which are amongst the best in this industry.

~ Length: STAINLESS STEEL DIAGONALS, CYLINDERS.Length denotes total end to end length.

~ Customised Length: Length as per specific requirements can be supplied for large orders.
The total end-to-end length will be limited to a minimum of 6 mm or 1/4" for any diameter.

~ Ends: Ends are bevelled and cut at an angle.

~ Steel Material:
Stainless Steel or Inox Media, 300 series
(typically AISI 304) is the one which is most widely used for metal polishing. It has excellent resistance to rust, corrosion and wear and can be used in conjunction with chemically aggressive burnishing compounds, both acidic and alkaline. Stainless steel requires no maintenance or after care during storage, non usage or idle periods. The burnishing performance remains consistent over long periods of time and it does not require replacement as no deterioration in quality takes place. The 300 series stainless steel are austenitic and are unhardenable by heat treatment. However, some work-hardening takes place during the cold-forging process. The media is passivated after final polish.

Chrome Steel Media has low corrosion resistance and does not offer the advantages of stainless media. It is useful where cost saving is a major consideration or where trial or limited burnishing or grinding runs are required. When not in use, the media has to be protected against rust with appropriate compounds to avoid pitting and surface wear and achieve consistent results.
Chrome steel media are thorough hardened to 58-63 HRc.
For details on the properties and composition of chrome steel   click here.

For details on the properties and composition of stainless steel
- AISI 304 / 316 / 302;   click here.
Enhance Your Component Finishing Quality With Techbuff Steel Burnishing Diagonals, Pins And Cylinders.
The length of the diagonal provides line contact as opposed to point contact in the case of aSTAINLESS STEEL TAPER CUT CYLINDERS AND BEVELED DIAGONALS.
The bevelled faces provide area contact as opposed to point contact in the case of spheres.
     Because of the above two features cylindrical media offers greater contact on the component
Pins are also useful for deflashing and cleaning holes and the areas between threads.
The taper cut face of a Techbuffcylinder ordiagonal is very well smoothened to enhance
     polishing action.
STAINLESS STEEL PINS FOR DEFLASHING HOLES, CLEANING THREADS AND POLISHING INTRICATE PROFILES.The ends of Techbuff Cylinders, Diagonals and Pins are well deburred and radiused to access holes,
     recesses, corners and intricate designs providing proper polishing and cleaning without
     spoiling thecomponent surface.
The highly polished surface of our diagonals and pins provide extremely good rolling action
     and hence excellent burnishing and finishing results.


Six Compelling Reasons Why Techbuff Steel Media Should Be
Your Only Choice For Polishing Ferrous and Non Ferrous Components
in Mass Finishing Equipment !
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