Stainless Steel Spherical Balls
Valve for Spray, Dispenser Pumps and Closures

Stainless Steel Balls are used in Trigger Spray PumpsStainless steel ballsStainless steel ballsStainless steel ballsStainless steel ballsStainless Steel Balls are used in Dispenser Pumps.Supplier and exporter of stainless steel balls.Technocon Engineers, India  >>

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Stainless steel balls  in AISI 316, 304 and 302 are used as a one way valve in spray pumps, dispenser pumps and closures. A spray bottle has two one-way valves in the pumping system: one between the pump and the reservoir (bottle / container) and another between the pump and the nozzle / opening.Stainless Steel, Inox Balls for Dispenser Pumps.

Technocon Engineers, India offer excellent quality spherical steel ball in various sizes in stainless / inox for these applications and is already supplying worldwide for spray pumps and dispensers.

For Steel Ball Technical Data; Weight per 1000 nos. of steel balls for various diameters,  click here.

Stainless steel balls are used as valves in the products shown below:

We do not make the pumps, dispensers, bottles, closures shown below.
We only offer the steel balls used as a valve in these products.


Spray Pump.
Spray Pump
Dispenser Pump.
Dispenser Pump
Trigger Spray Pump.
Trigger Spray Pump

Home Closures.
Home Closures
Home Bottles.
Home Bottles

Specifications of stainless steel balls offered:

Steel Material Stainless Steel AISI / SAE 316 is generally used. AISI 316  (Chromium 16-18%, Nickel 10-12%) is preferred because of its excellent resistance to corrosion which is essential for personal care products, cosmetics, detergents and soaps.
For some applications stainless steel  AISI 304 or 302  is acceptable.
Spherical ball.Diameter / Size Depending upon the size of the spray / dispenser pump stainless steel balls of the following diameters are generally used.
In millimeters (mm) 2mm, 3mm, 4mm or 5mm diameter.
Stainless Steel Ball, AISI 316.In inches 3/32", 1/8", 3/16", 5/32" or 7/64" diameters.

Other sizes and diameters  of steel balls are also available.
These are spherical balls and are entirely round, perfect spheres with excellent surface finish.
Ball Grade / Tolerance - Tolerance of the stainless steel ball ranges from
Grade-100 to Grade- 500  depending upon the quality and performance specifications
of the overall product.

Basic Diameter Tolerance or Ball To Ball Variation:
For Grade 100 it is +/- 0.0005 inches or +/- 0.0127 mm or +/- 12.70 microns.
For Grade 200 it is
+/- 0.001inches or +/- 0.0254 mm or +/- 25.40 microns.
For Grade 500 it is +/- 0.002 inches or +/- 0.0508 mm or +/- 50.80 microns.

Quality - For these stainless steel  balls, inox balls, the best steel, pretested, is used with modern controlled production and inspection procedures. Exacting heading, filing, lapping, polishing and passivation processes are followed. Slight magnetism is induced in the steel during the heading / forging process. If the quality specifications so demand, completely non-magnetic balls can be supplied.

Applications of stainless steel ball valve:

The stainless steel, inox spherical balls are used as valves in Spray and Lotion Pumps, Dispenser Pumps, Sprayers, Sprayer Head, Trigger spray pump, Closures, Screw, Crimp, 1" Snap-On, Lotion Dispensers, Fine mist sprayer pump, perfume atomizers, micro spray pump, pocket spray pump, Spray pump for metal container (without gas pressure), Flip top.


Spray Pumps.
Spray Pumps
We do not make the pumps shown above.
Ask us for prices for stainless steel balls, inox steel ball for spray, dispenser pumps.
E-Mail us  the specifications of the stainless steel balls being used by you or ask us to make a recommendation. We will send you our technical specifications, special prices and if possible, representative samples immediately.

Stainless steel, inox spherical balls - AISI 316 / 304 / 302
Stainless Steel Spherical Balls
AISI 316 / 304 / 302

For Steel Ball Technical Data; Weight per 1000 pieces for steel balls in various diameters,
 click here.

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Supplier and exporter of stainless steel balls.Technocon Engineers, India

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