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Ballcones or Satellites are mixed with round steel ball and other steel burnishing media (diagonal, pin, eclipse) to achieve overall cleaning, consistent metal polishing and excellent mirror finish all over the component profile.This stainless steel media is used in vibratory finishing and tumbling machines.

Functionality of Ballcones: Steel round ball is the most widely used shape in steel media. However, it is not always versatile, as a sphere cannot access corners. It is also unable to make contact in grooves or recesses if the steel ball diameter is larger than the groove width. In such cases, milky areas become apparent on the component surface where balls are unable to provide polishing action. Steel ballcone and satellite works very well in such areas for providing uniform finishing results. These steel ballcones are also useful for preventing media clogging in the components being polished.


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Satellite, Ballcone Shaped Steel Burnishing Mediain Stainless Steel.

Ballcone, Satellite
Stainless Steel - AISI, sus, sae 304 / 316 / 302
Chrome Steel - AISI 52100 / En31 / SUJ 2

Sizes in MM
Ball Dia x
Ring Dia
Ball Dia
Ring Dia (B)Height
3 x 5 mm3 mm5 mm3.6 mm
4 x 6 mm4 mm6 mm4.7 mm
5 x 7 mm5 mm7 mm5.7 mm
6.5 x 8.5 mm 6.5 mm8.5 mm8 mm


Sizes in INCHES
Ball / Core DiaBall Dia
Ring Dia (B)Height
1/8" 0.125"0.198"0.142"
5/32" 0.156"0.235"0.185"
3/16" 0.188"0.275"0.224"
1/4" 0.250"0.334"0.315"
~ Tolerance: Stringent dimensional controls are maintained and the tolerance on the dimensions are +/- 0.25mm or +/- 0.01" (250 microns) which are amongst the best in this industry.

~ Shape: BALLCONEOne half of the steel ball-cone is a semi-sphere, the other half is a cone and both are separated by a sloping central flange. The semi-sphere provides rolling action for good luster, the cone accesses holes and grooves and the flange contributes in cleaning and finishing corners, collars and recesses. The overall shape prevents media clogging. A very versatile steel media.

~ Steel Material:
Stainless steel or inox media;
300 series
(typically AISI 304) is the one which is most widely used for metal polishing. It has excellent resistance to rust, corrosion and wear and can be used in conjunction with chemically aggressive burnishing compounds, both acidic and alkaline. Stainless steel requires no maintenance or after care during storage, non usage or idle periods. The burnishing performance remains consistent over long periods of time and it doesnot require replacement as no deterioration in quality takes place. The 300 series stainless steel are austenitic and are unhardenable by heat treatment. However, some work-hardening takes place during the cold-forging process. The media is passivated after final polish.
For details on the properties and composition of stainless steel
- AISI 304 / 316 / 302 ; click here.

Chrome Steel Media has low corrosion resistance and does not offer the advantages of stainless media. It is useful where cost saving is a major consideration or where trial or limited burnishing or grinding runs are required. When not in use, the media has to be protected against rust with appropriate compounds to avoid pitting and surface wear and achieve consistent results.
Chrome steel media are thorough hardened to 58-63 HRc.
For details on the properties and composition of chrome steel click here.
Enhance Your Component Finishing Quality With Techbuff StainlessSteel Burnishing Satellites, Ball-Cones

The flange edges of Techbuff satellite / ball cone are well deburred and radiused and also optimized for
proper thickness to access collars and grooves effectively without spoiling the component surface.

STAINLESS STEEL BALLCONEThe central area (ballcone) of Techbuff steel satellites is properly delined and highly polished to provide extremely good finishing action and hence excellent burnishing and polishing  results.

The flanged ends and sloping conical face provide contact in grooves, angles, collars, holes and curved surfaces for overall and consistent finishing results. The half ball provides the rolling action to enhance mirror finish and luster.

Ballcones because of their shape prevent clogging of media in holes, recesses and grooves. For this reason, in many finishing applications (like aluminum polishing) only ball cone or satellite shaped burnishing steel media is used.

Six Compelling Reasons Why Techbuff Steel Media Should Be
Your Only Choice For Polishing Ferrous and Non Ferrous Components
in Mass Finishing Equipment !


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